1Which approach is closest to your method of teaching?
2What is the structure of your course?
3How will you use an online homework solution?
4What type of analysis tool will your students use?
5When using data sets, are your students focused on computation or analysis and exposition?
6What types of questions do you assign to your students for homework? Use the inputs below to create a break up that sums up to 100%

Total: 0%

7Where would you place your course in terms of difficulty for your students?

(0 being Easy and 10 being Hard)

8How do you organize the topics that you teach?
9For which class are you looking for a solution?
10How much remediation do your students typically need throughout your statistics course?
11Which topics do you cover in your class? Please select the broader options below that contain the more specific topics you teach. This will help us narrow down your product selection.
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